Sunday, January 23, 2011

A lot to wrap my mind around, but my heart has been there since Day One

This is a photo of my nephew's hand and that little hand holding his finger is the hand of his daughter. I remember when his hands were that small, that young, that new.  I've seen his hands learn to feed himself, to write his name, to dribble a basketball.  I've seen them clapping in joy, and folded in prayer.  I've watched him use those hands to open doors, hold on tight, deliver me a rose, and build a boat with his Grandfather. 

Now, he's a father and the other day, I watched his hands bathe his baby girl.

When I look at this photo, it's hard to believe that the little hand clinging to his finger is that of his daughter.  When I look at this photo, I see time.  And love. So very much love.



CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Yes indeed. It's amazing to see little ones we loved pass that on to new loves

Writing My Novel said...

That is so beautiful! You touched my heart today.

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Anonymous said...

this is stellar.