Friday, February 25, 2005

Beefeaters vs. the camera

In order for me to post photos on this site, I have to go through a bit more of a process than, say, copying or simply uploading them. Instead, I’ve joined a photo site, Flickr, and I upload the photos there, configure them as I want, get html code created and then I copy the code and enter it onto my site so that you have something beyond words to view on occasion. The Flickr site is a neat little place but I use it only as a tool to get my shots configured while others use the full suite of services it offers, photo albums, photo organization, sharing and whatnot. Anyway, on the Flickr site, unless you’ve marked your images as private, anyone can peruse them and, as I have just learned, comment on them. I was just there to take down some images I've opted not to post here, and waiting for me beneath the image of my brother’s arms pouring Dad’s martini at Sea was the following comment: Waste of good Beefeaters; good use of the camera. And I laughed when I read it. Out loud. And that felt good. So, thank you, mystery person, because I mean to tell you, your comment tickled me, and it really did feel good to have an unexpected laugh literally erupt from me. It's the absolute absurdity of it. I have a hunch that if you knew the full story, you’d change your mind about the first part of your comment, but how could you know? Still though, thanks for the compliment regarding use of the camera.

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