Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Dear February,

Take yourself away. I have no use for you now. I used to have it for you, you know, I had it pretty bad for you. Your fickle charm, your warm / cold weather indecisiveness, your hint, promise and tease of Spring, your tickling and tempting, romancing the blooms to burst. You know I used to love the young greens you pushed through the waking trees. Your lavender and rose sunrises used to take my breath away. But you, you took something from me that was not yours. And I'm done with you now. Keep your calendar page, keep your Mardi Gras, your Valentine's day and your Superbowl Sunday. Keep your actual vs observed Presidential birthdays. Keep it all. The only thing I can say I like about you now is that you are now and always will be the shortest month. From the bottom of my broken heart, I thank you for that much.

Without affection,

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Adrienne said...

Hey...I've been secretly reading your blog for a few days now.

I guess I can only utter the cliche remarks of how sorry I am for your loss.

I can feel through your writing how much you are hurting and though I've never lost anyone close to me, I am hurting with you. I hope you find some release of your pain through your writing.