Friday, February 04, 2005

So far today

So far today, I have:

Walked the little brown dog two miles under what started out to be an eastward sky lighting up with a huge expanse of rose and pink that only lasted about 15 minutes before being consumed by clouds, but it was there above me and I got to see it

Had somewhat of a temper tantrum while reading the morning paper (refer to earlier post)

Dropped off my clothes at the dry cleaner, which is only important because it's so close to my house and yet I haven't gotten around to it. Today, however, it was necessary

Broken down and purchased a coffee rather than my usual which is to bring it to work from home - except that I've purchased coffee everyday this week since I keep forgetting my travel mugs at the office and I keep telling myself I won't do it the next day. And I forget and do it again

Had a very sticky work-related conversation that I had to handle in a smooth way and it not only gave me a headache, because I am not naturally smooth, but also put me in a very bad mood. Because maybe sometimes I'd like to be (smooth)

Rediscovered my liking for tomato juice

Made loads of appointments for next week - doctor, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow wax

Made flight reservations for next week

Put $10.00 on two squares in Super Bowl pool and received Eagles 6 to Patriots 1 and Eagles 1 to Patriots 4. If we can get the 1s to 21s, there's some hope. Some

Filed my taxes

Refrained from telling someone to sit on it (so to speak) when they said, It's coral, in response to my saying, I like your orange shirt. WTF? Because of that, I don't like it anymore. Burn it for all I care

Taken two Advil

Refused to add any end-of-sentence punctuation in this post - because I need the control

All of this, mind you, before Noon

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