Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Strange days indeed

I'm at work, working, and I'm thinking that my mind is actually doing okay today. There have been times in the past two weeks where it hasn't been okay - just forgetful and, well, slow. Anyway, so I'm getting my work done and need to get in contact with an out-of-state colleague named Hillary (actual first name, but last name omitted for privacy). So I send her a quick email to check her availability. And the email gets kicked back. I resend. It gets kicked back. I resend. You get the pattern. I get angry. Oh, wait, I see the problem. I am not sending the email to Hillary of the last name I can't mention, but instead sending the email to Hillary Swank. And how rude, I didn't even wish her luck at the Oscars. My mind = not quite back to proper working order.

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