Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A good list

I'm thinking of things that give me happiness: The funny way my dog wiggles when she walks, good cheese, champagne, cotton fields, morning skies, Fleetwood Mac, Vermont, Mexico, New Mexico, the months of April and October, a good deal, work well done, hope, doodle bugs, the occasional shock and resulting curiosity when there's no traffic at a time when there normally is, when friends are clumsy, blue jeans, red barns, the smell of rain, an occasional John Denver song, getting dealt Blackjack, a smooth flight, boats painted crisp navy blue and white, driving country roads, handwritten notes, a well-groomed lawn, the look of rain on the river water’s surface, my morning coffee with just the right combination of cream and sugar, the odd green in the air before a summer rain, blue Christmas lights on a lone house in the country, bare feet, smooth stones, a freshly made bed, Confederate Jasmine in bloom, warm clothes from the dryer, white cotton tee-shirts, cowboy boots, finishing the crossword puzzle on a Friday, fly fishing, Fall leaves, cameras, my niece’s smile, my nephew’s smile, a well-written sentence, Winnie the Pooh books, clear streams, Sycamore trees, great laughs, church bells, and small gestures that give big smiles.

It's only a small slice but what I can conjure up at the moment. And it feels good.

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