Saturday, May 28, 2005

Graduation day

Today she will cross the stage. On the phone earlier, she said that it's kind of weird and kind of exciting. I think that we all feel that way about it. The work has been done, she's finished already but today is the ceremony and the celebration. She's 18 and this is the summer she's free. Highschool behind her, college and her future before her. Today she takes a big step away from dependence and towards independence. She embarks on her own decisions, her own instinct, her own discipline. Today I cannot help but look at her as the baby I held in my arms, the little girl I spun around before the birthday pinata, the young lady I drove to the concert. Today I want to open my arms and set her into flight. At the same time, I want to hang on tighter than ever before.


Anonymous said...

That's a big moment. She'll do fine, and will you.

Sass said...

We're never really alone or grown up.

The Chase bank commercial with the Five for fighting song makes me cry