Tuesday, May 10, 2005

In flight

  • While you don’t have to dress up for flights, it would be nice if people at least wore clothes they would wear to, say, a restaurant that is a step above fast food. Seriously, when did sleeveless tank tops on men (or women) become appropriate? Mister, I do NOT want to see all your body hair. No one does. That’s not travel wear, it’s beachwear.
  • Let’s get something clear, okay? Just because you are able to carry something onto a plane, does not mean that you should. What happened to the area by the check-in that you had to (or could) drop your carry-on bag into to see if it would fit into the overhead bins? Seriously, an over-stuffed hanging bag is not a carry-on just because you are able to drag it onto the plane. And the flight attendant? She's got your game.
  • When you're boarding a plane and you bump into somebody, it is polite to say “Excuse me.” When you bump into them so hard that you almost knock them over and you don’t stop or even pause, well, the people around the person you bumped into (me), they’re going to talk about you. And what they're saying, it’s not nice. Not nice at all.
  • Note to the man across the aisle from me: We backed away from our gate five minutes early. The Pilot told us that we would arrive in Philadelphia 23 minutes early. When he then announced that we were eighth in line for take-off, I'm curious what made you throw a fit a two-year old would be proud of and say in a voice loud enough for three rows up and back to hear, “This is ridiculous.”
  • Question: Why is it that some people think that the "all cell phones must be turned off" or "portable electronic equipment must be turned off" announcements do not apply to them? Because it makes me really nervous when you're in the seat next to me and playing with your Blackberry while we're going down the runway, AND THEN YOUR CELL PHONE RINGS. You don't know me but I'm a nervous flyer and if I weren't so sad today, that little bit of rule-breaking would have sent me over the edge.
  • All of this is to say that when flying, it would be nice if we could all agree to abide by the rules and exhibit a set of basic manners. I for one would really appreciate it.
  • This has nothing to do with anything, but I bought a People Magazine to read on the flight, and I have to say that Mary Kate and Ashley Olson always holding hands or with their arms all over each other, it just gives me the creeps.

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Chevy said...

very funny post... and i agree on the twins... what's that about?