Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The List

Things I want to do while I have the chance to do them (in no particular order). The first 25:

See Led Zeppelin in concert
Dedicate a bench in Central Park to my mother
Write a novel
Drive from San Francisco, CA, to Seattle, WA
Use my hands to help others (community gardens, Habitat for Humanity)
Attend the weddings of my nieces and nephew
See the cherry blossoms in bloom in D.C.
Witness the flooding and harvesting of a cranberry marsh
See the northern lights
Step foot on all seven continents
Find the one
Build photography studio
Find a job I love
See the salmon run in Alaska
Transform my little yard into a place I visit and enjoy
Have a completely organized closet system
Be completely silent for a day
Have a good dream come true
Sky dive
Stand on the Great Wall of China
Learn to compost
Travel on the Blue train across South Africa
Take a cooking class
Make a pillow out of my father's famous Orvis Christmas pants


ghost said...

start that novel, girl. i'd buy it in a heart beat.

Life at Star's Rest said...

No list yet but it's a great idea and I like the sidebar placement! Think I'll start working on one of my own...Carmon

Anonymous said...

hey aunt alison
we should build photo studio together
it would be cheaper! lol

Pony Writer said...

You always have a place to stay here in DC to see the cherry blossoms.