Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Repeat daily

Every morning, our routine. After making the bed and changing out of my nightclothes, Cheyenne and I excitedly head downstairs where her collar and leash and my tennis shoes wait to be filled. And we step out into the morning for our walk, she sniffing and discovering and me observing and watching, being uplifted by the changing morning sky.

When we return home, I pour a cup of coffee and read the newspaper while I wait for Cheyenne to cool down before feeding her.

After she has eaten, she'll roam around my feet for a while, and we'll go through the back scratching routine and then she'll get bored with that and retreat to her bed in the kitchen. And there she waits. And what she waits for at this point is for me to leave so that she'll be fed a treat. Look at that face. The impatient look says Go on, leave already so that I can have a treat. And then I'm going to run upstairs and jump up on your bed for a nice long nap.

Cheyenne March 2009 009


The Landscaper said...

Very cool Blog :)
Thank you for meeting me today and I look forward to seeing again real soon. I think you have a new Blog fan. Have a great day!

ghost said...

that sounds like a great way to start the day. no one ever gives me treats when they leave.

ponywriter said...

You know Peach, who is now 8 1/2, went to work with me everyday of her life until I left the horse farm and went back to the florist. She is STILL insulted beyond belief that she has to stay behind everyday! For the first two weeks that she had to stay home she pooped in my bedroom every single day. It was no accident, she waited until I walked in the door, met me in the bedroom and squat down right in front of me. Like she was saying, "Ha! That'll teach you!"
I'm going to tell her Cheyenne loves it when you leave and see if she'll stop sulking.