Saturday, March 21, 2009

The moments of that girl

Since I have been a rodeo queen this past week, busying myself with promoting a friend's business, Cheyenne and I have not had a whole lot of time to spend together. I did buy her a new collar instead of buying myself a new pair of boots and I did spend a couple of beautiful mornings with her at the park. I also caught her making herself completely at home on the new couch, with a look on her face that challenged what I planned to do about it, because moving was not something she intended to do.

Cheyenne March 006
Cheyenne March 004
Cheyenne March 002


CreekHiker said...

When you take a photo of her being "naughty," she KNOWS how cute you think she is. That's HER sofa from now on! LOL!

Adam said...

Dead weight on the couch defies all laws of gravity! Sir Isaac Newton would be mystified.

ghost said...

i believe she has found her place.

Velvet Sacks said...

I think your interpretation of Cheyenne's facial expression was spot on. Furthermore, she looks like she belongs on that couch.