Monday, June 01, 2009

The things of today

I'm sitting on my couch listening to Il Divo's version of Amazing Grace. Next will be Debussy's Clair du Lune, then Sarah Brightman's Ave Maria, and Trio Argentino's performance of Shubert-Faure's Trio in E-Flat for Piano, Violin and Cello.

Not my usual music but these songs are on one of two CDs I made yesterday for Wednesday's memorial service and reception for my friend's brother-in-law. The music is so completely soothing and though I selected each song and put them together for a somber event, I find that the notes lift my heart, comfort me like warm grass beneath my bare feet. I hope that the family will be able to find some comfort as well.

I put myself through an intense cardio session at the gym this morning, delivered a birthday present and walked Cheyenne through the neighborhood. I've submitted my resume for a job, and I've printed a photo for a friend.

Later today, I'll pack an overnight bag, my camera, some CDs. I'll drive to a friend's house and ride with her to Temple, TX, to have a late dinner with my friend's family after they attend the viewing. Tomorrow, we'll attend the memorial service and reception, and then return home.

In my garden, a young rose blooms new beside a rose that has faded and dropped all but one petal. I think to myself that there is no better or more beautiful symbol of life and death for me to see today.


ghost said...

that makes me think of lightning crashes by live

maxngabbie said...

LOVE IL Divo ;)