Thursday, June 04, 2009

I heart Texas

Driving three hours through Texas on Tuesday and back on Wednesday, I got to see many miles and small towns that are exactly what I love about Texas. I love small-town churches and VFW dance halls, hand-painted signs, old motels with peeling paint and seeing the one restaurant that has a full parking lot at the dinner hour. I love walking into convenience stores and overhearing local conversation, How's your Mom doin', sweetie? and, What college are you headin' off to? I love the small stores and giant farm and feed operations. I love seeing the Dairy Queens. And I love the rows and rows of planted fields of cotton and corn. I love the Cotton Festivals and Watermelon Thump Festivals and all the other weekend festivals announced on banners attached to lines overhead and stretching across the road.

Temple TX 024

I love seeing the small churches and signs like this one, which has a lot to say in relatively few words.

Temple TX 026

I don't love taking pictures from a car moving 70 miles an hour with a manual focus lens, but what's a girl to do when she packed the wrong lens but still wants to take pictures? I'll tell you what she does, she ends up deleting a lot of out-of-focus pictures.

Temple TX 029

I also don't love my feet but this is how I rode most of the way home yesterday so it's inevitable that I would make them the subject of at least one photo since they were not moving and it was easy to focus on them. Oh gosh, I really don't like my feet. Please try to ignore them and would you get a load of that sky?

Temple TX 028

Just look at that blue sky. I just love a blue sky spread far and wide and dotted with white cottony clouds.

Temple TX 027

I just love this great state of Texas. I love its people and I love its colors, its rivers and lakes and fields. I love its boots and its music and I love driving its roads beneath the blue, blue skies above.


Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Happy Love Thursday!

I've been to Texas once, to Wichita Falls, but we flew in to DFW, and I missed these small towns you describe. Some girlfriends and I are planning a Route 66 roadtrip next spring (a link is on my sidebar) and so I imagine that we will pass through several of these hidden towns as we travel across Texas!
I am so looking forward to seeing what you just described firsthand!

Great captures!!


Gayle said...

I have never been to Texas, but we are planning to go there on vacation this summer!

Happy Love Thursday!

ManySecondChances said...

happy love thursday from this redhead in texas....i am right there with ya'll honey!