Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Showing the Obvious

I want to share with you a piece of my world. I want to give you this gift, this view, this Texas sky. This is how I see the world, with beauty in blue and white. This view is my Lord, my inspiration. It doesn't always knock you over with its volume and enormity, but it is always there. Trust me, it is.

Cabin June 043


maxngabbie said...

Most definately, it is. Beautiful photo. Reminds me of a quote out of a childrens book, "Most people look at the clouds naming creatures they've seen, I see the sky differently, I see the blue between,"

Network Geek said...

You know, if you liked me, you'd make me a contact on Flickr and then I could see the settings on this picture and I wouldn't be reduced to begging. Well, assuming you uploaded your EXIF info to Flickr.

And, yes, it is a very beautiful shot. The blues are brilliant.

Cheekey said...

The Texas sky never fails to charm.