Monday, June 08, 2009


This weekend was about getting things done. Some tasks were fun, like helping my nephew hang curtains and frame photos, and rearranging some photos on the walls of my own house, and others were not fun at all, like paying all my bills and filing medical insurance claims. The beauty of the latter, however, is that all the paperwork and envelopes and receipts that were threatening to take over the surface space of my life are now neatly filed away and out of sight. I like it when things are neatly filed away and out of sight. I also like the rearranged photos.

June Misc 002

Sunday evening, I tackled some weeds in my new garden and the garden was so pretty that instead of finishing the job at hand, I went inside and got my camera. The plants have survived the shock of their new ground and have settled in and spread out, growing and blooming along the way. I'm delighted with the progress.

June Misc 012 June Misc 013 June Misc 026

The local bees and butterflies are delighted with the progress as well. Cheyenne, on the other hand, could care less because she just noticed a cat across the street, a cat that has the very nerve to exist.

June Misc 018

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ghost said...

i have a black thumb. if i ever visited you, i would take great care not to get within a foot of your plants. they would wither and die in my presence.

i feel the same as cheyenne, cept with schnauzers instead of cats.