Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My questions for the day

Skimming the top of my mind, here's what's there:

Why does CNN make its lead story about Sotomayor's broken foot when there was a massive explosion and building collapse during work hours at ConAgra?

Why is Tom Dooley included twice (two versions) in the Library of Congress' 25 Recordings for the Ages?

Why did the answer ECASH to the clue Web money escape me in yesterday's crossword puzzle?

Why did my neighbors bother to repaint their house and replace the shutters and yet continue to allow their yard to be an overgrown and littered jungle?

Why did the company I used to work for charge a client event to my personal credit card six weeks after I was laid off and why didn't I review my bills in detail until this past Sunday?

Why has no one invented self-making beds or self-folding laundry?

Lastly, what purpose does Kathy Lee Gifford serve?


Life at Star's Rest said...

I hear you! Especially the last one. I change channels as soon as she comes on! Carmon

Cheekey said...

Spot on! Especially the last one--I've never gotten her.

ghost said...

i dont know the answers to any but the last one.

kathy lee gifford, or The KLG, as she's known is just here to regulate funk.

CreekHiker said...


CreekHiker said...

More importantly...WHY does your former employer HAVE your credit card number.

I wouldn't bother to contact them (unless there was someone to embarrass!) but I would call the credit card company, declare the fraud and get a new number!

Anonymous said...

OMG - I so echo your sentiments about TOM DOOLEY!!! And KLG - but I think she is just fodder for SNL skits.......poor Hoda.