Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday, just like her mother

The other afternoon, Cheyenne and I were sitting in the living room. And by "sitting in the living room" I mean that we were spooning on the couch. (I admit.) She heard something I didn't hear, a falling leaf, perhaps, or the fibers shifting in a cotton ball, and she suddenly jumped up and off the couch, gathered her feet and ran up the stairs.

Not two minutes later, she returned. She sat just beneath the bottom stair and she looked right at me, pride in her eyes and my stuffed Winnie the Poor in her mouth.

I keep a stuffed Winnie the Pooh on my bed. I do so because Winnie the Pooh was a character my mother and I shared, a character she introduced to me, one of honesty and humility, of trust and love, and one I carried in my heart from that childhood day on. This particular Winnie the Pooh that Cheyenne carried in her mouth was the Winnie the Pooh I got for my mother, to comfort her while she was leaving us, to comfort her as he comforted me. With that in mind, I gasped when I saw Cheyenne's mouthful.

Cheyenne looked at me for small moment. She then tossed Winnie the Pooh on the floor, chased the bounce, caught it, and then jumped up onto the couch and settled down.

I'm not sure I ever loved the girl more.

Sharon 012


Cheekey said...

We frequently hear the eyes are the mirrors to our soul. Nothing rings more true then when I look into the eyes of my pets. Such insight. I believe the same can be said for Cheyenne. She knows her Mama like the back of her paw and then some--:)

CreekHiker said...

Oh, my heart be still! She's such a love!

Life at Star's Rest said...

What a beautiful moment...please give that darling girl a hug and a skritch from me. Carmon