Tuesday, June 16, 2009

For the dogs

Last Friday, my friend and I and our two dogs and another friend's dog took off to the family cabin for the weekend. It was a weekend for the dogs, a weekend of the river and the beach, of chewing sticks and chasing balls. It was the kind of weekend that I love because I enjoy watching the dogs be dogs in wide open spaces and water and I enjoy being able to provide that for them. When Monday morning rolled around, Cheyenne was so happily wiped out that when I began our normal morning routine of, before getting out of bed, asking her, Do you want to go to the park?, she just looked at me through her half-opened eyes, groaned, and closed her eyes, choosing instead to ignore her Mom who should be able to know that she's sleeping, okay, SLEEPING and does NOT want to go to the park, okay? Geez!

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1 comment:

ghost said...

a dog that doesnt want to go to the park? i never heard of such a thing.