Friday, September 30, 2005

The arrival of Fall has nothing to do with cool air

I was lucky enough to travel 20 years back in time last night. Back when class schedules, textbooks and school supplies were very much part of my life. Back when my wardrobe was new and called my back to school clothes. Back when, like all college kids across the country, we found ourselves around a coffee table, pizza boxes pushed aside, playing a silly little game called Quarters. Um, yeah, that's what I ws doing last night, playing Quarters. At a tiny bar with open garage door walls, a concrete floor, and a juke box offering up the likes of the Mavericks and Eric Clapton, we sat around a Formica topped table and bounced quarters around and occasionally into a coffee mug so old that I'm pretty sure arrived in the states on the Mayflower.

That in itself would qualify as an unusual occurrence in my life these days, but then we had to roll out the rules, such as when you miss the ancient coffee mug you can try again but if you fail then you have to drink. Standard stuff. But one of us got carried away a bit and decided that before you could drink, you had to do a maneuver and then you could have yourself a little fun by adding a maneuver to the list for the next person to do. So, yeah I admit right here that I did find myself with my thumbs in my ears, sticking my tongue out and wiggling my fingers, jutting my neck out like a chicken three times, holding my hands in an arc above my head and singing a note, flapping my arms like a chicken, and snorting like a pig - all before I had to drink. Let me say that I know this is childish and, yeah, even plain stupid, but last night, it was absolutely hilarious.

I don't know what else I can say about it other than let you know that when I was talking with a friend on the phone this morning, she said, And y'all were in public? Ah, don't you just love Fall?


Reading said...

Um, I think you forgot one thing... drinking with one eye closed after thumbs in the ears, tongue out, hands over your head singing a note, flapping like a chicken with one arm and snorting like a pig. Those are the rules!

Anonymous said...

dont forget "schwing"