Monday, September 19, 2005

Big fun and a run-on sentence

Have you ever found yourself on a Friday night in Denver when you’ve been working for three long days of meetings and you’re so wiped out that you have nothing left in your head and you really want to crawl in bed but you set out to dinner with your boss and the other people who converged on the city for three days of the gruel and your little group is seated outside to view the sun setting behind the Rockies and the air is cool but the roaring fire in the pit by your table warms you perfectly, and dinner is outstanding and conversation is about Egypt, South Africa and Mexico and the night turns out to be so lovely that you move on to a bar next door and at the bar your British boss who is your age and also your friend asks the bartender about shots and makes him stop when he mentions Leprechaun Piss and orders a round of those and you soon find yourself learning the game of Cricket using bar coasters as visuals for where the bowler and batter and runners are and realizing that when people say it’s like baseball that they have no idea what they’re talking about because this game is like no other and you catch yourself laughing so hard that your eyes are watering, and enjoying yourself so much that for a moment you forgot you were on a work trip and thought you were on a really good vacation? No? Well, you should try it some time. Happy days!

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