Thursday, September 08, 2005

September morn

The change is immediately noticeable, from August mornings to September. September's dawns are full of color, pinks and glowing oranges reaching out across the sky. Seeing the dawn this morning stirred my imagination and my promise. I smiled knowing that this same colorful sunrise is dawning over the mountains of Pto. Escondido. I smiled knowing that this morning beauty is everywhere. This morning I'm reminded that we tend to rely on what we think is important. I rely on the promise of the morning because I think it's important to know that every day we're given the chance to get it right. Every day we can choose a different path, a different answer, a better way. Or we can work to stay better connected to paths that are right in our lives. Everyday though, we do have a choice. That's what the September sunrises tell me.

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