Saturday, September 24, 2005

I think this will be the last of this hurricane-related stuff, but who knows, I might find that I want to revisit it again and again

It's quiet here inside Mom's house. No sign of either hurricane we were dealing with last night. The power has come back too, so happily it's also very cool here in Mom's house.

On my mind is when the city will have gas and groceries return. The newsman says that looking for gasoline is like looking for Gold. He found a Shell station on 45 north, with a two-hour wait. There have been reports of fights at the gas pump, people at the end paying money to people in front to cut in the line, and guns being drawn. That might make me want to draw a gun as well. I don't think I would because I don't have a gun, but it might make me want to do so all the same.

I used some of my own precious tank full this afternoon to check out how my house fared. No power but otherwise doing okay. Lots of felled trees in the neighborhood though.

These are the last of my Rita-related photos.

Washington & Shepherd Neighbor's tree

Happy Hurricane Texas

And to wrap this up, something completely unrelated.

Happy Cheyenne

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Sass said...

Good to know everyone is okay. After we all hunkered and bunkered down.