Tuesday, June 28, 2005

O the things of today

  • Today is my first steroid-free day in six months. I've taken them in milligrams from 5 to 100 for ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR DAYS. And I've got the face to prove it. To me, this liberation is worthy of a celebration that includes a parade and fireworks, and maybe even a few speeches from public figures, and the presence of a movie star or two.
  • Today I was actually able to figure out some math on my own, well, how to use the calculator for it, but I remembered the formula. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but then you were probably born with something in your brain where math calculations take place, whereas in my case there's nothing but a wind storm going on in that particular spot. Sadly, this is also worthy of a celebration, though smaller than the steroid-free gathering.
  • Today I was rifling through my purse and cut my finger on a Dos XX bottle cap. I think I get two points for not littering, but I really need to remember to clean out my purse on occasion.
  • Today my brother-in-law called to ask me to have a license plate traced. That told me that he has absolutely no idea what I do for a living. Either that or he thinks I have connections that I do not. Either way it made me want to hit my head against a wall. Several times. If I weren't so happy about being without steroids in my day, I just might have. But then I'd be bruised at my parade, and that wouldn't be good.
  • Today I found out that one of my friends is actually a Reply All person even though she says she's not. She also says My bad just to rattle my cage. And it works. This, in turn, will rattle hers.

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