Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Weatherman Nirvana

I don't know about your weathermen but Houston's weathermen get pretty darn excited about the weather. I suppose it's part of their job, being in tune and excited about change. But in Houston in the summer there isn't much change unless there's a hurricane on the horizon and their excitement over that is another story entirely. So what excites them when there is no hurricane? Lack of change. Seriously. It hasn't rained in Houston this month, except for a few drops. This morning, the weatherman on one station is over-the-top excited about this. No rain in the forecast, BUT we could set a record for June for days without rain. If this keeps up, we'll be in drought conditions by the end of the week. He stands before his area map, a human exclamation point of excitement, grinning ear to ear and near quivering with his euphoria over the possibility of setting a record and moving into official drought conditions.

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