Friday, June 10, 2005

Sad sack

Look at that defeated face. No doubt she is remembering the days we used to go on morning walks through the neighborhood and to the park where she'd be let off her leash to run and play and sniff about and roll in the grass and chase squirrels at whim. Now she goes outside to do her business and that's it. I hate to step between her and the great outdoors - I do leave a window open for her so that she can plop her head on the sill and at least watch and smell the world around her. Poor pup, she's definitely singing the blues. Six more weeks of this.


Gas-o-leana said...

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tinyhands said...

Why can't she go to the park?

Duly Inspired said...

Because the last time we were at the park, someone tried to steal her for their very own - because she's such a fantastic dog. No, kidding, she tore her ACL and post-surgery has to lay low for two months.