Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Unsolicited advice, but a valuable warning

You didn't ask for it but seriously, take my word on this: If you're at a restaurant with friends and the bill arrives, DO NOT discuss the topic of asking the waiter to pad the tab total to include the tip vs closing the tab at the exact amount and writing the tip in beneath that and summing it up above your signature (which, by the way, is the normal way to do things, that or cash tip). And don't mention debit cards and the whole bit about banks running them for 20% over the amount. Especially - and take heed on this - when it's a table of five women and one has been a waitress in a nightclub, one has been a waitress in a restaurant, one is a manager of a catering company, and two just want to be heard. It won't be pretty. Seriously, go get a tooth pulled or something but don't put yourself there. Against this advice, if you still find yourself there, best to just toss your cash in the pile and keep your trap shut. Because we women have opinions and, more than that, WE ALL THINK WE'RE RIGHT.

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