Tuesday, June 07, 2005

We've been waiting all day for this moment, what do you mean their flight is late?

Their flight was late, their bags checked, and they had to drive their friends home. With each bit of information we received that told us they'd be a little later than we thought, we were all as let down as the discovery of no Santa Claus. We'd anticipated this moment since yesterday, imagining their reaction, knowing they'd be surprised but wondering if they'd like it. After what seemed like forever - during which time each of us picking up this stick or that leaf as if we were polishing the darn place for show - they finally arrived and we finally got to see their faces when they saw our work. To say they were surprised is a bit short of the mark. But they were. And they were happy. And so were we. There were all kinds of tears and hugs going around.

After the lovefest was over, we were very clear to them that we now owned their yard and we expected them to treat it with the best care, plenty of water, fertilizer, weeding, etc. Or we would just have to take it back. Because we will be keeping an eye on it. Acting like a bunch of possessive moms, we were.

All cleaned up Grass! Oh my gosh! New guest

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Anonymous said...

you guys so rock! what a perfect ending to chris's celebration. that was incredibly thoughtful....