Friday, January 28, 2005

And what's your room number?

The beauty of hotels: the USA Today newspaper delivered to my door and reading it in bed while sipping good coffee also delivered to my door, not having to make the bed, having my bathroom cleaned everyday, and room service. And in this morning’s case, I also like that outside my window is a stunning view of the rising sun in all its rose and lavender glory.

What I don’t like about hotels is that I’ve stayed in so many I forget my room number, much less which direction my room is from the elevator. And new trouble brewing for me is forgetting to bring my key when I leave the room, or bringing a different card altogether. Earlier this morning, I brought my valued guest card with me, and that may have been great for getting fresh fruit delivered to the room upon check-in, but it did not get me access to my room. Carol, the woman at the front desk, found this a bit too amusing for my comfort at 7:00 this morning.