Thursday, January 20, 2005

Out West where the grass is fake but the cash is real

Two friends of mine are heading to Vegas this evening. Actually a lot of people I know are going to Vegas for the weekend. It's all the same trip but everyone is leaving different days and times and returning different days and times, and staying in a couple different hotels. A bunch of independents in that group, I say. Me, I'm staying home with the dogs. Yes, plural. My dog... and her dog... and their two dogs. And I'm staying at their house. Which is big and in the middle of, well, far away from the city. So you can imagine me in blissful seclusion all weekend, just me and my canines. And for the travelers, I wishing lots of luck: four leaf clovers, rabbit's feet (grosse), lucky stars, gris gris, a horse shoe, and let's toss some feng shui in there as well. Can't hurt. I hope their smiles are large, laughter loud, glasses full, and dice hot. And ladies, drink lots of water and stay on the right side of the law, you hear?