Sunday, January 23, 2005

Day 3 - Humility

Last night the winds picked up and the temperature dropped. Perfect for a fire in the fireplace, especially when there are Duraflames. How easy is that? Well, for most of the people walking the planet, quite. But for me, not so very. This is the hazard of being born with a gene that over-thinks everything. Which side is the front? If I light the paper at the arrows, are they supposed to be at the bottom or the top? Happily, I figured it out. Just light it anywhere, it will burn.

So for someone who struggled with lighting a Duraflame, what do you think I was thinking when I decided to put leashes on all four dogs this morning to take them for a walk? Something in my mind rang a bell to warn me, but I did not listen. Foolish, foolish decision. All I can really say of it is that different dogs have different ideas of which scent to pursue and care not if they wrap leashes around trees, light posts, other dogs, your legs, or their own. We were out for 30 minutes and it took me no less than 15 to untangle the leash lines when we finally did get back to the house. This little exercise has completely shattered my dream to one day have two or three dogs. Completely.