Saturday, January 29, 2005

Even though our first date was so-so, may I see you again?

Dear Chicago,

It wasn't love at first sight, not like other cities I've visited. But after our first date, I am intrigued and I'd like to see you again. Maybe after you warm up to me a bit. I mean really, two degrees? How am I supposed to discover what you have to offer when you are frigid? Your waters are ice, your winds make my cheeks red. But still I know there's more to you than this. I saw your lake shores and your Navy Pier, your Millennium park, your Soldiers' Field. I saw your Gold Coast, Sears Tower and John Hancock. But how can you expect me to get to know you when I can't be outside for more than five minutes? You and me? We will happen, but we'll be a spring and summer relationship. I think I can love you, but I need your heat, not your cold, cold heart.