Saturday, January 08, 2005

Is this a joke?

There is a park in my neighborhood that I take my dog to on weekends. There's lots of green space for a good game of fetch and for her to nose about and just be a dog. It's a popular park with a ball field, jogging track, tennis court, and several picnic tables spread out beneath the trees. Two sides of the park are abutted by an apartment complex and the other two sides are lined by streets. This morning I noticed a policewoman writing parking tickets and placing the tickets beneath the windshield wipers of the cars parked along the street, presumably the cars that belong to the players in the baseball game that was going on. I watched her for a while and then noticed the new "No Parking" signs along the park side of the street. (There are already "No Parking" signs along the other side.) Does this make any sense at all? You can go to the park and you can be at the park but you may not under any circumstances drive yourself to the park in a car that you intend to park there. Surely there are myriad other ways for the city to pinch cash from the little guy.