Wednesday, January 12, 2005

If I could paint, I'd spend my life trying to capture this

When I set out this morning, the sky around me stretched and yawned its way from dark grey to slate blue. It is true there are no colors in the absence of light – all things become blocks and shapes in black. Even an ordinary trashcan or a street sign can become eerie and important. This morning, a mist was thick on the ground and wrapping around every tree. But as the sky slowly lightened, the mist dissipated and left in its place enormous swaths of dew on the grass. And when the first sun rays came up, the grass was illuminated into a glistening outburst of sparkles. And as usual I just stood there in awe. Witnessing these slowly waking winter mornings strengthens me and sweetens my day. It reminds me that I shortchange myself when I don’t make time for this. It’s no accident, this beauty here.