Monday, January 31, 2005

Everyday now, something different

It's happening. Spring is yawning and stretching and slowing waking from Winter's dormant state. And it seems to have started while I was away in freezing cold Chicago. I was only gone three days but in that short amount of time, color had broken through the brown. Spring marks her entrance here with the tulip trees, and they've begun to bloom, all purple and lovely. And even though I enjoy the wider views that the bare trees allow, in a couple weeks I'll be seeing tiny green leaves breaking out everywhere, and the Redbud trees will dot the landscape in explosions of color. And in a month, the Confederate Jasmine will bloom and the air will be made sweet from their clouds of blossoms. There will be surprises of color and sweet scents everywhere. This morning was grey and misty but nonetheless, the Robins were hopping about all over the place. It has started. Happy days!