Friday, April 22, 2005

Because that's what she said

Sharon [from outside on the porch to me in the kitchen]: Alison, do you have a pencil?

Me: There's one right here but you have to sharpen it. [Then looking at Eddie] Eddie, will you sharpen it, please? I don't think there's a sharpener, but you can use a knife.

Eddie: Wait, I think I have a pencil in my backpack.

So, Eddie goes upstairs and looks for a pencil and Sharon comes inside and is looking around the cabin for a pencil but in odd places, places that a pencil would never be, say, in the area beneath the stairs where toys and puzzles are kept. And I'm looking at her with a look on my face that reveals that my mind is saying what the heck are you looking there for?

Sharon: Did you look on the clipboard I brought down, I think I have a pencil on that.

Me [admittedly a bit flustered]: Well, why did you ask me for a pencil then?

Sharon: I don't need a pencil, I thought you did. I'm looking for a tennis ball.

I'm not at all sure how that happened but I am quite sure that I'm sitting here right now with my own little preview of what life will be like when my hearing goes out. I think it just might have its moments of amusement. And as far as inventory goes, we do have pencils. And tennis balls.

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