Friday, April 01, 2005

Hello April!

Oh I’m so glad that you’re here. I’ve been waiting for you. You are my favorite, you know. Well, you and October. For similar reasons, but different seasons. Your winds awoke me this morning, eager at my windows. You have to be different, don’t you? Right from the start, you have separated yourself from March, your temperature dropping but your winds jostling all the leaves and blowing the pollen about. Still I’m so happy to see you, to be in your first day. You are the forgiving month, the releasing month, the month that flirts and plays and flies a kite. You are the month of change. You coax the flowers, tickle the bees, make the leaves dance. You intoxicate me with your perfumed air. You invite me outside again. Picnics and evening walks. Yes, evening walks, because Sunday morning, Daylight Savings Time begins and walking at night in the light will again be an option. I care not for that hour of sleep lost, it’s an easy trade for the hours of daylight in the evenings. You are not the cruelest month, no, you send invitations to us: get outside, ride your bike, put your hands in the earth, plant, roller skate, sit on your porch with a book. You send invitations for change. Come walk in my light and my warm air, come let me heal you for I am the month of change. Put your cares on my winds. Release your troubles and be free once again. April, you remind me that however sad things are, Spring reaffirms life. There will be sadness, but we do know that joy is there. I watch you closely and over and over I see you say "Live!"

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