Sunday, April 10, 2005

Slip sliding away

It's still the weekend, technically, but really Sunday night is more about Monday than it is about its relationship to Saturday or the weekend. For me it has been the best of weekends, including tonight, the slide into the week. I'm standing here in my kitchen and I'm thinking about it and appreciating it. I appreciate my friend Sharon, and I appreciate Oak trees and sunrises and a high wind roaring through the leaves of the Sycamore trees. I'm appreciating the walks with the dogs, and good meals, the work done, lightbulbs replaced and fixtures renewed, tree branches trimmed, pictures categorized, house-cleaning. And the two naps that I got to have!!! (yes, three exclamation points - naps are rare and I got to have one Saturday and Sunday) And I appreciate the time spent with the kids and my mother when we got to Houston, and that Sharon knew how to make breadsticks since Catherine wanted them with her veggie lasagna, and both the kids were thrilled that it could be done with - whoa - bread. And lastly, I appreciate dinner. Mexican food, a couple Margaritas, and being home by 8:00.

Just a nice one all the way around. Let Sunday slip into Monday, I'm ready.

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