Thursday, April 07, 2005

Speaking freely, but lost the language

Stranger walking past me in office building hallway: Hello
Me: How

And of course I just cringed. What was that about? There are so many options, Hello, Hi, Good Morning, or even a silent nod would have been acceptable, and yet what came from my mouth was "How." What's that, me practicing the Native American Indian tongue learned in elementary school? Where did my brain go when all it had to do was say Hello? *Sigh*

1 comment:

Bruce Larson*Moore said...

must be, i've not heard a native of any country say "HOW" after the film Billy Jack ;)

here's one for next time, Howdy !
you'll be showing that your keeping up with current events and all, and if it's someone you know well, or want to, you can add a rousing Partner ! ;)

of course if your image means anything at the office you might just want to stick with Hello* ;)