Wednesday, April 27, 2005

There's a splinter in my eye and it reads react

I am TIRED. I am having one heck of a time leading my life. I think I'm in charge but that is a joke. Simple stuff like fulfilling my goals for the day, following a simple plan of certain items on the agenda. Not happening. I keep getting side-swiped. While I know that I am not a target - no one is aiming at me and it is not personal - I feel like a doormatt, a backboard, a spittoon. Given what I have in my mind and experiences, I still cannot come up with a single realistic solution. Is it possible to find a solution for them that will also give a solution to myself? I'm not sure. And not being sure? That is hell. I mean it. *sigh*

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Mark said...

Howdy, just browsing through H-Town blogs and found this succinct paragraph of central self-confidence. How could I refuse to comment?

Your title, the use of "self-indulgent," reminds me of a Woody Allen movie, "Annie Hall." Alvie and Annie are standing in a movie theater line and the guy in front of them is pontificating about Marshall McCluan. "He's a very self-indulgent film-maker." Alvie says, "key word is self-indulgent." ha.

Well you either know it or you don't. Enjoyed the visit. Be careful turning sharp corners until your next entry.

Mark in Clear Lake