Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Inches apart, yet miles and miles away

You can go to sleep one night and wake up the next day and have your entire life as you know it be different. Or a series of nights. Three months could be a night. Three years could be a night. If you noticed. Does she notice? I have no idea. But if she doesn't notice, then time has not passed and she's more or less stuck. Things may have changed, but time has not passed and time itself takes on a completely different meaning when one no longer acknowledges it. She's not concerned, allowing one day to float into the next, unrecognized or unnoticed, and one week into the next. The blur of weeks into a month, one month into another. She no longer needs this system of day and date, of schedule or organization. It seems that she's holding onto the present real tight, and the past, but not tomorrow, or the next day or anything beyond. As long as she sits in that throne and holds on, everything is okay. Where is she? I have no idea. What is she thinking? I don't know that either. But I do know that the world she lives in and the world we see her living in are two very different places. We send her plenty of invitations to come out but she will not. And for us she's hung a Do Not Disturb sign on her life. And it's not only a request but also advice. As if the hornet hung the same on its nest. Approach with caution.

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