Monday, April 04, 2005

If he only knew what he was getting into

Seven weeks - First ball Seven weeks - Day 2 Seven weeks - Da3y On meeting her future beau
She'll be five in October but these were taken December 2000. They all make me smile but I'm particularly fond of the one on the far right. This is when she and Isaac first met. Isaac is a strappingly handsome Yellow Lab, and her number one beau. He may have had one up on her on the day this picture was taken, but it was sadly short-lived. In their adult life, she is his worst nightmare. But he plays Forest to her Jenny. You'd never guess from this photo that she'd grow up and be the absolute boss of him. Rarely does she cut him any slack; equally rarely does he lose patience with her. He doesn't get ruffled that he's never able to return the ball that he outran her to retrieve - no, he tolerates her snapping at him or throwing herself against him to make him drop it. He's so familiar with her antics that, accepting of his defeat, he sees her coming and he'll drop it immediately to avoid the confrontation. Same goes for the pool, though sometimes he raises his gigantic paw and tries to push her away from him, or swims in circles. No matter to her, she just climbs on top of him. But they also cuddle together on his bed, I swear they do. And they sleep with their heads on each other. And he saved her life once. Yes, theirs is a special bond, one we can't understand. Sort of like a canine sadomasochistic relationship, something only they can fully appreciate.


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