Monday, March 21, 2005

An evening in the park

Arriving home in plenty of time for spending time outside in daylight hours, I gathered Cheyenne, a blanket, a book, her ball, her water bowl and some water and we took off for the park. Though I'm most fond of my early morning hours spent at the park, the evenings have a beauty all their own, coloring and shading the grass and trees. The air is warming but mercifully without humidity so there is a pleasant cool breeze that's good enough to keep my Springtime enthusiasm. I sat on my blanket and watched the changing colors around me, everything giving way to the last bit of light, the velvet hour. There is a quiet in the dusk hours that I enjoy, it's a surrender of time, light, and volume. A slow fade-out that welcomes the night. Peaceful.

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Ruth said...

I love to go to the park in the evening too - its very peaceful.

enjoyed your blog.