Monday, March 14, 2005

It’s the little things

...that piss me off. Whoa, today is a surprise. I'm healthy enough to go to work today, to actually wear real clothes and be in my office, but apparently it's not enough to keep my mood happy and appreciative. Nope, instead, I am in a foul mood today. F O U L. And I have no idea why. But little things are getting on my nerves. Seriously, today I am sweating the small stuff. Which would be comical to me, if it weren't pissing me off so much.

  • Even though it was right there on the counter beside my keys and my purse, I forgot my cup of coffee at home. There goes the day.
  • Please do not drive 40 miles per hour in the far left lane. On a normal day, this is frustrating but today I had the very real desire to run you off the road.
  • Note to Mom: Go to the bank. And write your thank you notes. Enough time has passed already. You'll get around to it? How about now?
  • Today's Aha! moment just realized: I started my period yesterday - sorry if that makes you cringe to read but it's produced cramps something fierce today. These cramps are residing in the same general area of my body that has been cramping and giving me pain for the past two weeks. It's difficult to decipher between the two, but not difficult to want a break from both.
  • I've had my fill of whiners and complainers. I do not believe in either, and since that's the case I don't have tolerance. But since I've been out of the office the past two weeks, apparently my return also means I have an invisible to me sign on my door that says complaints heard here, by all means, come on in. I do not want to hear about it, understand? And the reason why is simply because I do not care. Period. Figure it out, find a solution, try something, anything at all but wallowing in it because if you don't change your attitude and spend some time figuring out a solution rather than bemoaning that the issue exists at all, well, trust me when I say it's going to wrap around you like a snake and choke you before you know what hit you. So, deal with it, okay? The challenge is not about our problems, it's about how we choose to deal with them. Step up to the plate.
  • And just because I'm on a roll, not because I've seen one today or anything, but I know they're out there. I hate Hummers. Hate them!

I feel better now, thanks.

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