Thursday, March 24, 2005

One my father would have liked

Got an interesting e-mail this afternoon from my number one pen-pal, the suitcase-missing friend in Canada. He tells me a story about his noticing over the past couple days that several of the men he's working with wear a ring on their pinky finger. He found this a bit odd, not only that these guys who he assures me are manly men would be wearing rings on their pinky fingers, but that it's not just one guy, rather several. His curiosity leads him to ask the significance. What he learns is that the rings are made from the material of a bridge that failed due to poor engineering. Several lives were lost in the collapse. The ring serves as a reminder to these men (Civil Engineers) that civil engineers have a responsibility to the population they serve to be diligent in their effort to construct in such a way that protects people. That a bunch of manly men are living and working in Canada with pinky rings on their fingers that serve as their professional and ethical compass, now that is a good story.

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