Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Reasons beyond her control

Due to the above, I won't be around here for a few days. Apparently, when a bacteria infection is mixed with grief, the results can land you in the hospital. I wish I had the energy right now because I'd like to write a conversation I overheard when being admitted. That was yesterday, and I'm still smiling. It'll keep. For now I'll just say how amazed I am with hospital tvs. I'm typing this on a touchscreen tv, which offers music and games, in addition to internet and of course regular and cable tv. The whole thing pulls down from the ceiling right in front of me. The word Cool comes to mind.

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Adrienne said...

Well, CRAP, that you aren't feeling well and I hope you are better soon.

I really enjoy reading your blog and will look forward to your being back soon.

Take care of yourself!