Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Parenthetically speaking [here's my bracket]

Ha! What started out as such a glum day has indeed proved to be evidence that there's always a surprise waiting around the corner. Although I am sad and missing my father's voice, and nothing can change that, there are experiences out there, even small and otherwise meaningless ones, that I cannot draw the shades on. He wouldn't want that, and I'm not about that. So I put myself where I was comfortable tonight and I got caught up in the moment of a certain excitement - and I let myself be swept up in it all. And in case you're wondering, I am talking about [March Madness].

Forgive the brackets but I'm sort of into them at the moment. Because I have filled out my own [bracket]. In fact, right now, I'm ALL ABOUT IT [my bracket]. I'm sitting here and beside me is a print-out of my selections, which weren't easy, understand. But God, to make a mindless, nothing-to-do-with-my-life decision, that was nice. To make 64 decisions, well, call that temporary nirvana.

And who in the world have I chosen? Based on absolutely nothing except that they beat Texas Tech on Sunday, and I've been to the campus one time, I'm picking OSU to go all the way. And while I'm fairly sure that I won't be winning onemilliondollars on CBSSportsLine, I have nonetheless coughed up $10.00 on behalf of my confidence. So, hey, Illinois, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia Tech, Duke, Kansas, Syracuse, all of you, back off... It's OSU. Hear me? [OSU!]

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