Thursday, March 17, 2005

Here kitty, kitty, kitty

I am someone who has been known to put one or two personality identifying stickers on her car. Used to be that these stickers were music-related. Yes, years ago when they were cutting edge rather than cookie cutter cute, I had an Adam & The Ants bumper sticker on my station wagon – you know, just to add some spice to my oh-so conservative wheels. A year after that, when gifted with a hand-me-down Mercedes, the first thing I did to make it my own was to slap a Siouxsie & the Banshees sticker on the bumper. Looking back, I’m sure my parents cringed but they said nothing at the time. At one time, I had “Cowboys – Food, Fun, Firewater and Dancin” affixed with love on the back window of my Oldsmobile ’98. Cowboys was a nightclub that I frequented. Often. Only in high school did I display any politics. In the back window of my Suburban, I had Mickey Mouse flipping the bird with the word’s Bomb Iran beneath him. Timely. Reflective of the fact that I am no longer in high school or college, I currently have a sticker of my company’s logo on my car’s bumper, and a Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Red fish on the back window, a nod to a cause important to my father.

So, I can justify or at least explain the past and present stickers on past and present vehicles in my life. But never have I been one to cover my bumper, back windows or most of my car with all sorts of “this is who I am” stickers. Like the girl beside me this morning on my drive to work. As I passed her multiple-personality, sticker-laden Celica, I was able to focus on only one: “My kitty can beat up your kitty.” What does that mean exactly? What does that tell me? Why did she buy that sticker and why did she put it on her car? I’m left to draw my own conclusion. Which is this: My dog can EAT YOUR KITTY. Do you really want to play?

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