Wednesday, March 16, 2005

For my friend

Why judge yourself by what someone else is saying? You know better. Can you fit your life into the oh-so-narrow confines of there's? Do you want to? I don't think so. And why should you? You can search your soul and you'll never find their language or maneuvers - that's what makes you who you are. And most likely you will find that you have professionalism that is all your own - deeper in many ways than those with whom you'd like to be in accord. But there's no way you can be whipped into being like someone else. Understand? You're not that way. Don't change. And don't fall into this rut they're happy to have you land in. Regardless how this past year has panned out, you know right from wrong. You're honest and you have integrity. Don't suffer that, be proud of it. It speaks; it does. The only thing that's keeping you from standing up is the clamoring of their voices and the wearing on you that takes place from it. Don't bother with it. Refuse to be part of it. Step up for yourself. It's time. Trust me, it's time.

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