Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Someone stole a Hummer from the student parking lot of my niece’s high school today, and when she told me, she was laughing and so was I (our anti-Hummer feelings are mutual, we just do not understand the need for suburban folks driving around town or to school in military vehicles that start at $50,000 and get 13 miles to the gallon). The stolen Hummer happens to belong to Koby Clemens, as in son of Roger Clemens, so it has been BIG NEWS here. I’m not supporting auto theft, understand, but neither do I support giving a Hummer to a high school kid, no matter who you are, and in particular one who is not going to lock the doors of the vehicle. (You wanna bet that he heard wait until your father gets home?) I know it’s an unfortunate incident and I shouldn’t derive pleasure from it but what can I say? There’s a state-wide, all points bulletin that's been issued, and a $10,000 reward for return of the vehicle. Um, yeah, the exact same treatment we all can expect.

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