Sunday, March 20, 2005

A Spring Sunday

Today is the first day of Spring and personally I couldn't be happier for the official change of season. Adios Winter. It's a time of change for nature and it's comfortably fitting to the changes within me. I enjoy the breaking point between Winter and Spring, the budding flowers spreading their fragrance, the morning shadows becoming longer and more distinct. It's a slow start, a gradual awakening. It is with the same eye that I see myself blooming with health, healing and change.

As I write this, the windows are open and coming through are the sounds of songbirds, neighborhood sounds, a car starting, a door shutting. It's otherwise quiet in the house. My niece is dozing on the sofa bed in the livingroom, with the little space the dog is allowing her. My nephew is upstairs in the shower. I spent an hour early morning at the park with coffee and the newspaper, and of course the dog. I've visited two friends, who happily welcomed me because I came with breakfast in hand. I've done the work that needed to be emailed for tomorrow morning. And now we are contemplating where we should go for lunch. This day has been and is so very simple and unscripted. I like it. And I'm pretty sure I need it. Happy first day of Spring indeed!

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